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Chocolate chips and memories

Coffee and homemade cookies

They make me feel at home

Father, brother, mother dear

You’re so far, but feel right here

No matter how far I go


Mmm there’s love inside (x2)


Big screen and a La-Z-Boy

Green and gold uniforms

And a breezy colored Autumn Day

Phone a friend, talking trash

How’s the team, how’s your dad

And how some things just never change


Mmm there’s love inside (x2)


Long letter and a picture frame

The day she said she felt the same

with the words painting round the sides

Been too long, since I’ve gone

Three days and two months

I’ll hold her closer every night


Mmm there’s love inside (x2)


And this jar that I keep reaching in

will only give what I put in

So mmm put love inside


Oh, put love inside

There’s love inside

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